In the Media

In order to get the message to as many people as possible, we hope that Raunds Parish Church St Peter will be very much in the news.  In case you miss anything, we will do our best to get as many articles as possible onto this page.  Let us know if you spot anything that we may have missed.

Nene Valley News - 27th February 2016 "St Peter's Church Gains Vital Support"

Nene Valley News - 30th January 2016 "Raunds Church Restoration Project Wins Heritage Lottery Support" 

Nene Valley News - 18th July 2015 "Raunds to Host Strawberry Fayre"

Nene Valley News - 6th June 2015 "St Peter's Church BBQ"

Nene Valley News - 25th April 2015 "Raising Funds in Raunds"

Nene Valley News - 28th March 2015 "Another Morning of Fun"

Nene Valley News - 28th February 2015 "Pancake Success"

Nene Valley News - 31st January 2015 "Pancake Day fun in Raunds"

Nene Valley News - 27th September 2014 "New Church Patron shows support at Raunds Carnival"

Nene Valley News - 30th August 2014 "MP becomes Patron of St Peter's Church"

Nene Valley News - 21st June 2014  "Discovering Church Wall Paintings"

Nene Valley News - 24th May 2014 "Retiring Mayor's Presentation"

Evening Telegraph - 15th May 2014 "Raunds Church Appeal Benefits from Outgoing Mayor's Donation"

Evening Telegraph - 12th April 2014 "MP backs Raunds church repair funding bid"

Wellingborough Extra - 11th July 2013 "Get on Your Bike to Save Church"

Nene Valley News - 22nd June 2013  "Raunds Art Auction"

In Your Manor - April 2013 "Church Fundraising Plea to Community"

Evening Telegraph - 28th April 2013 "Church Survival Fund Receives Cash Boost"

Nene Valley News - 27th April 2013 "Save St Peter's Fund Going Strong"

Herald & Post - 27th April 2013 "SOS to Prince in Effort to Save Church"

Evening Telegraph - 13th December 2012 "Fund-Raising For St Peter's Church"

Herald & Post - 6th December 2012   "Waitrose Saves Church Fundraising Efforts"

Herald & Post - 25th October 2012  "Olivia's on a Rescue Mission"

Evening Telegraph - 30th September 2012 "Radio 1's Chris Supports Church Campaign"

Herald & Post - 28th September 2012  "£1m Works Scheme to Save at Risk Church" 

Evening Telegraph - 27th September 2012 "Radio 1's Chris Backs Campaign"

Evening Telegraph - 7th February 2012  "Fundraisers Take First Steps to Save Building"

Evening Telegraph - 7th December 2011  "Window Removed at Historic Church"

BBC Website - 7th December 2011  "Dry Weather Causes St Peter's Raunds to Crumble"

Evening Telegraph - 18th November 2011  "Urgent Repairs Needed to Save Historic Church"